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No more worried and anxious clients who fear waxing!

Skin Candy’s new innovative 100% natural hair removal products will do just this FOR YOU!

With our brand new Skin Candy paste (in fact so tasty you could eat it!) it makes any hair removal process so simple and easy.

No more hot wax! No more worried and anxious clients who keep putting off having waxing done!

In fact… No more wax!

Just a simple technique to learn to master the art of Candying hair removal – and you’ll have clients queuing up at your door and your calendar fully booked!

The feeling your client will experience after being Candied will be absolutely AMAZING! Their skin will feel silky smooth, the re-growth will be much slower and there’ll be NO irritation or itching afterwards…

Candying exfoliates and removes the hair at the same time leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth.

And what’s the secret sauce? Simple – it’s called Xylitol. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol found in the bark of a tree native to Finland, and is present in all Skin Candy Pastes.

It also takes away the worry for people who have incredibly sensitive skin. No irritation and no red rashes afterwards. Just smooth, exfoliated soft hair free skin.

See what a salon in London has to say about Skin Candy...

See Emma chatting to a client about Skin Candy

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  • a Salon Owner?
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Apply NOW to get your FREE Skin Candy Sample Pot

We will send you your FREE sample pot! All you have to do is to cover the postage cost of £4.95

"My skin has never felt so amazing"

I had my first experience of Candying recently and all I can say is just “WOW”. I suffer from really dry skin and the experience has left me feeling amazing!  Soft skin and no itching or rash – I can’t wait to be candied again!

– Alison Boyle

"Amazing Results"

We have started using Skin Candy and have found the results amazing. All our clients Love this product and the staff find it amazing to work with.

The Training is to a very high standard and was tailor made to our salon size and staffing numbers.
This is a great product for all salon sizes.

– Mathew Bartell

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