Skin Candy Sugaring Vs Waxing

Skin Candy Sugaring vs Waxing

With Skin Candy, you don’t need to grow the hair to the length of 5-7mm unlike with waxing techniques. Experienced therapists can remove even the shortest hair with Skin Candy’s Xylitol enhanced pastes.

Waxing products do stick to living skin cells, making the procedure painful and skin irritated. This doesn’t happen with Skin Candy, since the paste is water soluble – it slides off from living skin cells, scrubbing the dead cells from the skin surface and making the skin easier to treat after the treatment.

The products used for waxing legs and full bodies are made from petroleum based resins and chemicals making them prone to contamination or cross contamination. Scandinavian Skin Candy paste is all pure natural. It’s even edible and delicious. All of the pastes are 100% safe and extremely skin friendly.

All in all we can assure you, that once you go Skin Candy there is no way you’ll be going back to waxing. That is how different the products are.

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The benefits of sugaring hair removal method with Scandinavian Skin Candy

The benefits of sugaring hair removal method with Scandinavian Skin Candy

Here in the UK we are a nation of waxer’s with Beauty Salons nationwide offering waxing treatments in abundance.

Waxing In salons brings a huge revenue and has clients returning for treatments every 4 to 6 weeks. For many women waxing is a necessity not a luxury.

So although clients will return regularly and bring profits to the salon, waxing does not come without it’s pitfalls to both the salon and the client.

All wax whether it be warm or hot wax contain chemicals such as Paraffin and plastic Resins and  need to be heated to temperatures between 55 to 70 Degrees which can cause skin irritation, Burns, grazing, itching and extreme erythema( Redness of the skin). Wax can adhere to healthy skin, so when removed clients will experience a stinging, ripping sensation which can be painful. Hair is also yanked from the follicle in the opposite direction of growth which can distort the hair and cause in growing hairs and cause the skin to have a plucked chicken effect.

Sugaring treatments are far less painful for the client and have so many benefits for both client and therapist, so why are so many salons not offering this service to their clients?

I believe this is because very few therapists have been introduced to sugaring treatments and the benefits when embarking on a beauty career, as very few training providers have this as an option on their curriculum.

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