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Scandinavian Skin Candy

Scandinavian Skin Candy is a luxury hair removal brand from Finland made from the purest, natural ingredients to satisfy even the most demanding user.

Check out how Matt generated an extra £56,000 in revenue within 12 months just by adding Skin Candy to his existing beauty services. 

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Your business will benefit from increased earnings and your client will benefit from a more comfortable hair removal treatment with NO burns, NO hair breakages, NO skin irritation, NO ingrowing hairs, just skin that feels smooth and moisturised with no sticky residue left behind.

Natural Ingredients

Skin Candy consists of natural ingredients which don’t irritate the skin or lay open to allergies whilst providing long lasting results

Kind to Skin

Our Skin Candy paste only removes the hair and dead skin cells resulting in soft smooth skin

Long Lasting Results

Skin Candy removes unwanted hair all the way from its roots with its unique combination of ingredients


No, Skin Candy has a unique ingredient called Xylitol.

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol found in the bark of a tree native to Finland, and is present in all Skin Candy Pastes.

Xylitol is much stickier than fructose and glucose therefore picks the hair up better and also stays much more stable during the service, which means just one ball of Candy pastes can remove hair from the entire body.

Candy pastes are vegan, natural and cruelty free.

Want to provide Skin Candy to your clientele?

To help you learn the correct technique and to gain the skill in candying we run 3 course days:

After DAY THREE you will receive a certificate qualifying you as a Candy professional.
You may also attend any day trainings available should you wish to improve your technique in a particular area of the body.



What do our attending beauty therapists think of Skin Candy and our training?

What's included in the training?

During your training, you will learn how to safely carry out skin candying treatments on various areas of the body in addition to maintaining high standards of hygiene and detailed home care advice for your client. No previous experience is needed to attend this course.

Your training includes:

GET £35 TO MAKE YOU UP TO £1,000

One tub of Skin Candy costs you just £35, but with our training we can teach you HOW to use Skin Candy and how that tub can MAKE you up to £1,000

Download our Case Study

Check out how Matt generated an extra £56,000 in revenue within 12 months just by adding Skin Candy to his existing beauty services.